Human Stories. Revealing Moments. 

A story is a sequence of crucial moments.  Captured well, those moments speak to us about humanity. They challenge us, open our minds, and help us understand one another. I seek to reveal the truth that might be hidden beneath the surface.

I am the right creative if:

... your story is best portrayed in a human way to connect viewers to the subject matter through honesty, live-action, and emotion.

... your project involves people in complex, challenging, chaotic, uncomfortable, or sensitive circumstances and environments. I connect with subjects easily because I love people, and document them in a very fluid and natural way.

... your organization seeks to make a positive contribution to the world and needs to reveal meaning or truth that might be difficult to see on the surface; defy generalizations; broaden perspectives; or shatter false perceptions.

I specialize in: 

Documentary video shooting and editing, photography, interviewing and writing for media, corporate, humanitarian and government organizations.

Guiding communication leaders in the strategy and art of mobile storytelling, and mentoring documentarians within organizations.

Teaching and writing about visual documentary and mobile storytelling.